Bordoli Motorsport Team History

Since 1977 the Bordoli Motorsport Team is active in car racing. Our expertise and deep engineering know how includes the European Formula 3 Championship (earlier days), Formula 3000, Porsche Cup and ATS Formula 3 Cup (today). The Team owner Jakob Bordoli was himself a very passionate and successful Swiss race car driver. He participated successfully at the European 3 F Championship from 1979 till 1983 achieving several top 10 results! Furthermore he was 4 times Swiss Champion with different Formula 3 cars from 1980 till 1988. In 1993 he retired as active racer as he founded his own Racing Team. Prime goal: sharing his large experience and engineering skills with young, talented racing car drivers.  

From 1989 – 96 several Swiss racing car drivers choose Bordoli Motorsport and attended successfully at the Swiss Racing car championship finishing their seasons among the top 3 classified.

Team success:

Ranking Championship Year Driver Car and Engine
6. Gesamtrang ATS Formel 3 Cup 2008 Kevin Mirocha Dallara-Opel
Top 10 Rangierungen ATS Formel 3 Cup 2007 Jonathan Hirschi Dallara-Opel
13. Gesamtrang RECARO Formel 3 Cup 2006 Natacha Gachnang Dallara-Opel
3. Gesamtrang Porsche Super Sports Cup 2006 Michel Frey Porsche GT3 Cup
Top 5 Rangierungen Porsche Super Sports Cup und GTP 2005 Michel Frey Porsche GT3 Cup
sporadische Einsätze RECARO Cup 2004 Roland Schmid Dallara-Opel
8. Rang Hockenheim RECARO Cup 2003 Tobias Blättler Dallara-Opel
4. + 5. Rang Nürburgring RECARO Cup 2003 Michel Frey Dallara-Opel
3. Gesamtrang CH Meisterschaft 2002 Tobias Blättler Dallara-Opel
Vize Meister CH Meisterschaft 2001 Michel Frey Dallara-Opel
Vize Meister CH Meisterschaft 2000 Michel Frey Dallara-Opel
Vize Meister CH Meisterschaft 1997 Paolo Laghi Dallara-Honda